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Nicotine strips patents


Nicotine Strips are produced with a technology that includes two patents invented by Nicoccinos, Founder and Chairman, Fredrik Hübinette.

Nicotine patent

The Nicotine patent protects both the ability to keep the nicotine stable over a long time and the ability to release and deliver nicotine via the mucosa at a correct pH value.

Nicoccino owns the patent, that has been granted in 55 countries.

The patent expires in 2033.

Alginate patent

The Alginate patent protects the ability to compose and manufacture a strip from a specific alginate in combination with an active substance, that is released and delivered via the mucosa.

Nicoccino holds a license, from Uppsalagruppen Medical AB, to use the patent exclusively and without restrictions for products where nicotine is the active substance. The license is without royalty or any other cost, however, Nicoccino is responsible for a share of the patent’s maintenance fees.

The patent has been granted in 49 countries.

The patent expires in 2026 (2029 in the USA).

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