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Why selling Nicotine Strips

As the global market for oral nicotine pouches continues to boom, smokers are getting familiar with putting a porduct under their lip. Nicotine strips are a superior alternative to nicotine pouches for those of your consumers that are uncomfortable with the slow release and bulky pouch.

Nicotine strips deliver nicotine within seconds and dissolve after a few minutes.

For distributors, Nicotine Strips have several advantages:

A bag with 20 Strips measures 12hx9w cm weighs 4 g – easy and cost efficient to store, display and ship.

Shelf life of 24 months from production date without any requirement to refridgerate.

In countries with Nicotine Tax, Strips have a significant advantage over pouches and other heavier products.

Currently, we offer two flavours, Menthol Strong and Lemon Mint both with 1mg nicotine/strip.

Other flavours and nicotine strengths are available upon request.

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Become a distributor

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