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Investment opportunities


Nicoccino Holding AB (publ) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North.

Superior solutions for restricted smokers

Why invest in Nicoccino?

Nicotine Strips are developed to offer smokers a safe and reliable alternative for situations where they aren’t allowed or choose not to smoke. As smoking restrictions become more prevalent and severe, smokers are becoming more open to finding alternative and safer products. We believe Nicotine Strips have a huge potential to take a share of the rapidly growing market for oral tobacco. As international tobacco companies invest more in nicotine poucher, consumers become aware of and accustomed to using oral products. As Nicotine Strips are developed to provide an experience similar to smoking in terms of delivery speed and strength, we feel confident about our future.

The market for oral nicotine pouches has grown from its launch in 2016 to a global market value of 3bn SEK in 2019. The rapid growth is projected to continue as the international tobacco companies continue to expand globally and reach nearly 6bn SEK in 2020.

Quick nicotine delivery

Initial delivery in seconds, all nicotine released within a few minutes.

Discreet consumption

Nicotine Strips are super thin, only 0,07 mm, for a comfortable look and feel. As they dissolve after a few minutes, there is nothing to discharge – convenient for the user and great for the environment.

Best before 2 years

With a supertight packaging, nicotine strips provide long-lasting freshness and convenience.

Become a distributor

We are always looking for new distributors of Nicotine Strips. Contact us and we will respond as soon as we can.