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Nicotine strips production

Our production

Nicotine Strips are produced in Nicoccino’s factory north of Stockholm, Sweden. Our production and quality control processes follows the regulations for food production. The facility was inspected and approved by the Vallentuna municipality in October 2023.

State of the art production

Nicoccino completed the building of factory in 2023. It is a state of the art facility, with machines customised for production of Nicotine Strips.

The production requires strict control of temperature and humidity, to ensure that the final product has the right pH, texture and stability. The resealable ALU/Pet packaging secure quality of Nicotine Strips with a guaranteed shelf life of 24 months from production date.
If you are interested in visiting the factory send and email to

Become a distributor

We are always looking for new distributors of Nicotine Strips. Contact us and we will respond as soon as we can.